For teams who want to achieve higher levels of clarity and focus - Ingrid can take you to the next level.
Indoors and outdoors.

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“Ingrid worked as the lead facilitator on a major enterprise project the objective of which was to develop a meaningful sustainability positioning for our business. From the outset, Ingrid demonstrated a commitment and professionalism from which we were to benefit greatly during the course of the project.

The team received and then challenged their brief, ensuring that our investment in both their fees and the internal resources involved in the project was fully warranted. A robust and reliable process was developed to achieve our objectives and ensure that the project delivered on all of its commitments. Implementation was flawless with our desired outcome being produced after a gruelling and intense workshop.

Throughout the process Ingrid was positive, tireless and wholly committed to our success. She added immense additional value because of her clear focus on sustainability issues and the experience she was able to bring to bear on the subject saved a great deal of time and effort as she was able to facilitate our efforts towards fertile ground instead of potential commercial wastelands.

Ingrid was equally as committed and involved in all stages of the follow up to the project demonstrating an involvement deeper than would normally have been expected from an external consultant. It was a pleasure to work with Ingrid and the organization supporting her from both a personal and professional point of view and I hope to have the chance to brief her again in the future.”
— Project Manager in European Brand & Product Strategy team, international tissue company.
Ingrid came to our summer team retreat this year as the main facilitator on our invitation, as I had seen her work previously with Way of Nature Australia. Our goal was to implement deeper contemplative practices within our workflow and our company culture.

She held a patient but firm space for our team to evolve our thinking and contributed her time, energy and headspace for our future work. It was nothing less than transformative for our team, who reached a deeper level of connection and collective consciousness about who we are and why we are doing this work. We have carried those practices forward in to our meetings and even assigned a core member of our team to ensure we evolve ourselves moving forward.

I would recommend Ingrid’s work to other teams or businesses who would like to see a deeper level of consciousness brought to their workplace and within their company culture. With Ingrid’s help, I believe workplaces of the future could use more cutting edge models of inner work practices that will make work more enjoyable, evolutionary and thoughtful.
“We had a great day in the Royal National Park with our whole team facilitated by Ingrid. The day was very well prepared by her.

Being a professional consultancy company we were impressed by Ingrids gentle way of guiding us through the day looking for our purpose, unique qualities and team bonding. We finished the day being enriched with great insights in how nature can help us to understand our own little world. We constructed a great memorable piece of art telling our individual stories about our purpose and the meaning of our services to the society! Made from natural resources collected by every team member.

We are very grateful being supported by Ingrid throughout the day and will for sure stay in touch with her in the future!”
— Gijs Nooteboom VELDHOEN + COMPANY, Partner Australia / New Zealand