If you are an organisational leader who wants to:

  • Master the most complex challenges with more ease
  • Learn how to keep a calm focus during times of chaos
  • Decide on your next steps with more clarity
  • Develop your influence to have a higher impact in the areas you really care about
  • Achieve at least 30% more of your goals

Then you need to develop a Positive Impact Leadership style. If you want to take your leadership to the next level, are ready to open your mind and let go of preconceived ideas about leadership – let’s talk.


Why Positive Impact Leadership?

Sometimes, leadership feels like just reacting and following – barely keeping things going. It can be exhausting and might look like not making much of a difference. Other times, leadership can be very effective and influential. Positive impacts are noticeable and work is very satisfying.

Where do you want to invest your time and energy?

By choosing to move from reacting to leading you’ll transform chaos into calm, Increase your influence and impact, and achieve at least 30% more of your goals. 

Coaching with Ingrid will help you to:

  • Make your leadership style more effective
  • Develop a calm focus on what’s important
  • Cut through complexity and gain more clarity
  • Approach challenges in a more creative way
  • Increase your influence and impact
  • Deliver results

The Positive Impact Leadership Coaching program is for leaders who want to take their leadership mindset and skills to the next level. This program is not for those who look for superficial, short-term changes on the outside or believe that other people or circumstances have to change first.

The Positive Impact Leadership coaching program is a thorough inside-out transformation process that supports you to take full responsibility for your own leadership style and results. You’ll learn to solve your most complex and overwhelming challenges with a whole system perspective in mind. This also includes tapping into additional, long forgotten sources of wisdom and support: mindfulness and eco-system awareness. All learning will happen in safe spaces where deeper, meaningful, creative conversations come from.

I’ve been working with Ingrid for over a year now and am thoroughly enjoying the work we are doing together and can see the benefits. I originally selected Ingrid because she has a really strong background in strategy and understands the corporate environment. I also thought her style of coaching would complement and provide a counterpoint to my own style. This has definitely been the case.

Ingrid is thoroughly engaged, fully client focused, highly professional with a lovely sense of humour and empathy. She challenges when appropriate, flex’s her approach as the situation requires and keeps our sessions on track, despite my tendency to go off on tangents.

I would whole heartedly endorse Ingrid for any coaching assignment, for any level of executive or personal coaching.
I have been working with Ingrid for 6 months in a coaching program. The focus of the program was developing leadership skills and mindset. We have had a mix of face to face sessions and phone coaching and I really enjoyed the work we have done together.
Throughout the coaching sessions, I really enjoyed the fact that Ingrid was focused on my goals and how to get me there. The coaching sessions have been really valuable for me in many ways. Ingrid was supportive, challenged me at times and made me reflect which resulted in a clear improvement on the goals I had set for myself when we started the coaching sessions.  
I have made clear progress after 6 months of coaching and I would highly recommend Ingrid for any sustainability professional looking to further develop leadership skills and broaden their ability to influence in all sorts of challenging situation.